The Bonnie Boat Sailing Podcast

≈Sailing with the Litzenbergers≈

August 30, 2019

Breena and Spencer Litzenberger have been sailing on both coasts for the past 6 or 7 years aboard a number of different boats- they’ve sailed in the pacific northwest aboard a plywood trimaran, through the Bahamas aboard a few different vessels, and up from Gueatemala to Florida aboard an old steel Bruce Roberts Spray. They also host a hilarious podcast called Litzenberger’s Sailing Podcast where they talk about about buying and selling boats, the realities of living aboard, and their adventures under sail. For this episode they turned the tables on yours truly, so head check out their podcast for the first half of this conversation. They also have a TouTube channel called "Sailing with the Litzenbers," and they are currently trying to sell off all their worldly possessions to try and get into their next boat. Check it out eh?

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